Robin Rae Swanson

I Capture the JOY of the Moment...

with Compassion and Creativity

Children and animals love me...

I think in a past life I must have been an animal that children were attracted to. I have a deep compassion for all living things! That compassion radiates through my personality. People always tell me they feel a sense of comfort and peace when they are around me. I wish I could bring peace to the entire world!

Besides animals and children, I love wildlife and the natural spaces it lives in.

I love dancing in drum circles and in the rain.

Sailing brings me joy and deep inner peace. I dream of sailing around the world someday.

I have been vegetarian over 20 years, and vegan the past 10 years. I would die without vegan dark chocolate!

I love ALL art forms! I am a painter and sculpture. I also was a professionally trained singer and actor in Los Angeles.

I founded a non-profit organization that brought art supplies and musical instruments to at-risk children, then showed them how to play and explore their creative side.

This is why I love photographing children so much. Photography to me is a beautiful blend of play and creativity.... Let's play!!

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